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Life with not a lot to do is nice.

2007-08-06 16:58:21 by thecoshman

I have got a fair bit done on my new site... it is starting to look fairly nice now. Though it has moved away from being the blog that it was, and is more of a company/group sort of thing now. I have got a freind of mine working on it with me now. He is my only real life freind who understands what web sites realy are, and can actaully code for them.

Hopefully, It will be up soon, with some paid hosting and proper URL and will quickly have a game on it. As well as move over some of my older things that I have done, so theri will definutly be an archive section, on a brand new site...

I need to start testing out a few ideas for how my new game is going to work... hopefully I can find a simpler way of doing things, else it will get a bit tricky.

Any way, life is going good. I only work weekends... so i got loads of time to do not a lot, and i LOVE it. Though In 10 days i get my A level results, it will be fine though im sure.

In the mean time, I have harry potter to keep me happy!


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