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wow... I somehow did it!

2007-08-16 11:18:37 by thecoshman

Some how, despite almost no revision at all. I managed to get into UNI. I find it so hard to belive that I was actually accepted after all.

I woke up this morning, and through the post had come a letter from UCAS saying that I had got good enough grades to get into my first choice. If I was nervous, I would now be relaxed. After all, you only realy need A levels to get into UNI. This ment that I could get my results wiht out worrying what they are.

Any way, when I get their and finally get my results, they turned out to be a lot worse then I thought possible. I got an E for computing (worrying when you consider I am doing a computing course) a D for maths and a C for electronics. This had me a bit shoked realy, cose I cant work out how they made up enough UCAS points for what my UNI where asking. But either way, I got sent a letter for me to confirm my place, I aint going to complain now.

The only problem is, the thing that let me down for my grades was the course work. It just aint my strong point. So what with UNI being VERY course wrok led, I am going to have to work so hard on ever bit of course work, as soon as I get them. This should hope fully help with the money front. Cose I cant spend £40 going out if I stay home working on course work.

So uni may not be as sociable for me as it will be for others, But this is the real deal now. This is what is going to make or brake me. Lets get it started then!!!


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2007-09-18 19:52:12

nice one