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ooooh getting very swish now aint we!

2007-07-18 12:13:46 by thecoshman

Ok, so Im going for my first blog entry on new grounds. As well done as new grounds is, I am actually scared by it all... well not all of it, just this blog thing. I am meant to be making my own blog and forum and generally hole site! How am I meant to keep motivated when I have this already hear and now for me, I dont even have to do sign up to a new site!

Any way, so new grounds is new looking. A bit web 2.0 but with out the puffy gloss look, overall a nice look. All of the new features seem to really good, yet to find anything that is lame. Though I must admit that I do not like the look of the forums now, it is all too spaced out. The old look was nice and compact. It was lean and mean! Hopefully that will be what keeps me working on my own site, hopefully any way.

so what have I bean up to? Well flash wise; I have been working on my game "Flash-a-sketch V2". I made the original version and it went down really well with people, but it lacked so much. Fingers crossed I will get them all included in this new version, making it a great game.

Like I said, I have my own website, though with all honesty it as gone very stagnant. I have been learning web stuff so much faster then I can implement it. So yet again I am making a new site. I am currently working on a weblication. The style of which I will using to make my won site with. I think the way I will be making my site is very different. I plan to have all of the content stored via the forum. I am not sure how it will work out, so it may not end up like that.

In terms of more series programming, I am working my way though learning openGL with C++. With any luck I will be able to make some sort of 3D thing soon. Probably just a maze game, but either way it will be a fair bit of work.

Well, now it is back to long slog of work. I have so many things I am trying to do at once, it is hard to give them all enough time, and still live.


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