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2007-10-03 19:02:16 by thecoshman

So I have been up here (here being university in Liverpool) for almost three weeks. If there is one thing I have learnt so, it is the student life is expensive!

For those who are a chance reader of my blog, I am reading a degree in computer game technology. It is more then just playing games for three years... although, one of my first course works is to review this lame side scrolling game that some students made last year.

Things are being taken from the very ground up, so at the moment I am finding things nice and simple. I like this though, as it lets me worry about settling in rather then worrying about trying to catch-up. Though the amount of course work that has to be done is somewhat over whelming, but I think I can cope.

I seem to be able to look after myself well enough; so far I have not been raped in some dark back ally. Food also isn't really an issue for me, though I find it hard to buy things in small enough amounts, so I tend to have loads of one thing... such as grapes and fruit juice. I think what I have been eating is balancing out to be healthy diet. Its what I'm drinking that messes it up, so much booze! Booze is cheap enough in all these student like places, except I like me Guinness, which costs more then most things.

I have started going to the anime society, which is a stranger place then it sounds. Tomorrow we gather again, but this week it is a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) tournament. Should be a giggle at the very least. Afterwards is a good healthy trip to the pub, who ever invented such a place should be awarded more awards.

On a final note, I got my NG shirt! I brought it when I hit level 10, and now I'm only a few days of level 11. I don't think I will be buying another one to celebrate this though, maybe some STICKERS!


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