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Entry #7

UNI life... still alive!

2007-10-21 12:24:48 by thecoshman

Well, I have settled in fairly well now... sort of even got a rutein going on.

Their are a few things that still havnt changed since coming to uni. I sitll over spend on things... such a booze and food, im not going skimp on the good stuff! I still like to live in organised chaos. Im still straight :P

Now for the difrent things, I know from first hand that refrencing things for course work is the biggest pain in the arse EVER!!! I have sexed up my hair with some sexy blue bits, perment as well! I have also picked up one of these lady freinds that people are so fond of!

yers... life write now is pretty dam perfect, I dont think I could get all emo about anything right now... other then maybe the im fairly hungry this very second... and course work... and personal development... ok, so their a few things that I dont like. but overall, I LOVER it!


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