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What a day!

2007-07-20 17:23:16 by thecoshman

Firstly, lets get the lame stuff out of the way. Yes I have made a header for my page, and yes I know it looks realy lame and gay, but I am yet to see any one else with one, so their!

Down to bussines then, talk about fucking rain! since three o'clock last night it has done nothing but rain! I have never seen it raind for so long. none stop, my mum and sister only just managed to get home. They had to leave their car at a near by farm and wade through a puddle up to their waist.

I realy dont get how people can still deny that somthing is not right witht eh climate.

on other news, I am so tired! School finished about a month ago after three weeks of heavy exams, I am so tired! it is hard work this nothing you know. on the plus side, I am going to czech for a few days on monday, which will be fun.

any way, to tired to right much more. all that is left to say is that soon, you will just be getting tasters in to my blog. Once i finayl get my new siteup and running, I will jsut be putting a sample on here.

see yo all then!


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