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Awsome times!

2007-07-27 08:06:57 by thecoshman

Just got back from Brno in Czech yesterday.

Was a most awsome holiday!

It is so insanly cheap out their. Booze is like 50p a pint! it is crazy!

I was only out their for four days, but still was awsome time. And it was not just a total piss up, actaully did some of the cultral things, such as go the crypt to look at dead people!

I brought back this traditional plum brandy stuff... it is like liquid fire! you still taste it when you wake up, mad stuff.

But now I am back to smelly people, what with no water people have not had a proper wash for like 5 days now. Apperntly lots of people have has problems with things like flushing toilets. But we have two water butts in the garden, so flushing toilet has been no problem. The only real problem is washing cloths. hand washing cloths is somthing that hasnt been done for so long.

any ways, life goes on. not like we cant live.

I belive I will soon be starting a platformer game with some guy. Of the flash type of course. this dose mean I will have to go and learn how to do this, so i am sure it will take some time to make this game.

Dose give me plenty of time to make my new site, an get it all up and running and sexy and so on and so forth. Then make some preloaders to use in my flashes and stuff. Though I do have to finish of a few other things, something that is so close to completion is my 'flash-a-sketch v2' I have got around a lot of the problems I have has with it. I think I will soon be able to upload it in all of its glory!

till next time people!


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