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UNI life... still alive!

2007-10-21 12:24:48 by thecoshman

Well, I have settled in fairly well now... sort of even got a rutein going on.

Their are a few things that still havnt changed since coming to uni. I sitll over spend on things... such a booze and food, im not going skimp on the good stuff! I still like to live in organised chaos. Im still straight :P

Now for the difrent things, I know from first hand that refrencing things for course work is the biggest pain in the arse EVER!!! I have sexed up my hair with some sexy blue bits, perment as well! I have also picked up one of these lady freinds that people are so fond of!

yers... life write now is pretty dam perfect, I dont think I could get all emo about anything right now... other then maybe the im fairly hungry this very second... and course work... and personal development... ok, so their a few things that I dont like. but overall, I LOVER it!

UNI life

2007-10-03 19:02:16 by thecoshman

So I have been up here (here being university in Liverpool) for almost three weeks. If there is one thing I have learnt so, it is the student life is expensive!

For those who are a chance reader of my blog, I am reading a degree in computer game technology. It is more then just playing games for three years... although, one of my first course works is to review this lame side scrolling game that some students made last year.

Things are being taken from the very ground up, so at the moment I am finding things nice and simple. I like this though, as it lets me worry about settling in rather then worrying about trying to catch-up. Though the amount of course work that has to be done is somewhat over whelming, but I think I can cope.

I seem to be able to look after myself well enough; so far I have not been raped in some dark back ally. Food also isn't really an issue for me, though I find it hard to buy things in small enough amounts, so I tend to have loads of one thing... such as grapes and fruit juice. I think what I have been eating is balancing out to be healthy diet. Its what I'm drinking that messes it up, so much booze! Booze is cheap enough in all these student like places, except I like me Guinness, which costs more then most things.

I have started going to the anime society, which is a stranger place then it sounds. Tomorrow we gather again, but this week it is a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) tournament. Should be a giggle at the very least. Afterwards is a good healthy trip to the pub, who ever invented such a place should be awarded more awards.

On a final note, I got my NG shirt! I brought it when I hit level 10, and now I'm only a few days of level 11. I don't think I will be buying another one to celebrate this though, maybe some STICKERS!

wow... I somehow did it!

2007-08-16 11:18:37 by thecoshman

Some how, despite almost no revision at all. I managed to get into UNI. I find it so hard to belive that I was actually accepted after all.

I woke up this morning, and through the post had come a letter from UCAS saying that I had got good enough grades to get into my first choice. If I was nervous, I would now be relaxed. After all, you only realy need A levels to get into UNI. This ment that I could get my results wiht out worrying what they are.

Any way, when I get their and finally get my results, they turned out to be a lot worse then I thought possible. I got an E for computing (worrying when you consider I am doing a computing course) a D for maths and a C for electronics. This had me a bit shoked realy, cose I cant work out how they made up enough UCAS points for what my UNI where asking. But either way, I got sent a letter for me to confirm my place, I aint going to complain now.

The only problem is, the thing that let me down for my grades was the course work. It just aint my strong point. So what with UNI being VERY course wrok led, I am going to have to work so hard on ever bit of course work, as soon as I get them. This should hope fully help with the money front. Cose I cant spend £40 going out if I stay home working on course work.

So uni may not be as sociable for me as it will be for others, But this is the real deal now. This is what is going to make or brake me. Lets get it started then!!!

I have got a fair bit done on my new site... it is starting to look fairly nice now. Though it has moved away from being the blog that it was, and is more of a company/group sort of thing now. I have got a freind of mine working on it with me now. He is my only real life freind who understands what web sites realy are, and can actaully code for them.

Hopefully, It will be up soon, with some paid hosting and proper URL and will quickly have a game on it. As well as move over some of my older things that I have done, so theri will definutly be an archive section, on a brand new site...

I need to start testing out a few ideas for how my new game is going to work... hopefully I can find a simpler way of doing things, else it will get a bit tricky.

Any way, life is going good. I only work weekends... so i got loads of time to do not a lot, and i LOVE it. Though In 10 days i get my A level results, it will be fine though im sure.

In the mean time, I have harry potter to keep me happy!

Awsome times!

2007-07-27 08:06:57 by thecoshman

Just got back from Brno in Czech yesterday.

Was a most awsome holiday!

It is so insanly cheap out their. Booze is like 50p a pint! it is crazy!

I was only out their for four days, but still was awsome time. And it was not just a total piss up, actaully did some of the cultral things, such as go the crypt to look at dead people!

I brought back this traditional plum brandy stuff... it is like liquid fire! you still taste it when you wake up, mad stuff.

But now I am back to smelly people, what with no water people have not had a proper wash for like 5 days now. Apperntly lots of people have has problems with things like flushing toilets. But we have two water butts in the garden, so flushing toilet has been no problem. The only real problem is washing cloths. hand washing cloths is somthing that hasnt been done for so long.

any ways, life goes on. not like we cant live.

I belive I will soon be starting a platformer game with some guy. Of the flash type of course. this dose mean I will have to go and learn how to do this, so i am sure it will take some time to make this game.

Dose give me plenty of time to make my new site, an get it all up and running and sexy and so on and so forth. Then make some preloaders to use in my flashes and stuff. Though I do have to finish of a few other things, something that is so close to completion is my 'flash-a-sketch v2' I have got around a lot of the problems I have has with it. I think I will soon be able to upload it in all of its glory!

till next time people!

What a day!

2007-07-20 17:23:16 by thecoshman

Firstly, lets get the lame stuff out of the way. Yes I have made a header for my page, and yes I know it looks realy lame and gay, but I am yet to see any one else with one, so their!

Down to bussines then, talk about fucking rain! since three o'clock last night it has done nothing but rain! I have never seen it raind for so long. none stop, my mum and sister only just managed to get home. They had to leave their car at a near by farm and wade through a puddle up to their waist.

I realy dont get how people can still deny that somthing is not right witht eh climate.

on other news, I am so tired! School finished about a month ago after three weeks of heavy exams, I am so tired! it is hard work this nothing you know. on the plus side, I am going to czech for a few days on monday, which will be fun.

any way, to tired to right much more. all that is left to say is that soon, you will just be getting tasters in to my blog. Once i finayl get my new siteup and running, I will jsut be putting a sample on here.

see yo all then!

ooooh getting very swish now aint we!

2007-07-18 12:13:46 by thecoshman

Ok, so Im going for my first blog entry on new grounds. As well done as new grounds is, I am actually scared by it all... well not all of it, just this blog thing. I am meant to be making my own blog and forum and generally hole site! How am I meant to keep motivated when I have this already hear and now for me, I dont even have to do sign up to a new site!

Any way, so new grounds is new looking. A bit web 2.0 but with out the puffy gloss look, overall a nice look. All of the new features seem to really good, yet to find anything that is lame. Though I must admit that I do not like the look of the forums now, it is all too spaced out. The old look was nice and compact. It was lean and mean! Hopefully that will be what keeps me working on my own site, hopefully any way.

so what have I bean up to? Well flash wise; I have been working on my game "Flash-a-sketch V2". I made the original version and it went down really well with people, but it lacked so much. Fingers crossed I will get them all included in this new version, making it a great game.

Like I said, I have my own website, though with all honesty it as gone very stagnant. I have been learning web stuff so much faster then I can implement it. So yet again I am making a new site. I am currently working on a weblication. The style of which I will using to make my won site with. I think the way I will be making my site is very different. I plan to have all of the content stored via the forum. I am not sure how it will work out, so it may not end up like that.

In terms of more series programming, I am working my way though learning openGL with C++. With any luck I will be able to make some sort of 3D thing soon. Probably just a maze game, but either way it will be a fair bit of work.

Well, now it is back to long slog of work. I have so many things I am trying to do at once, it is hard to give them all enough time, and still live.